WELLSOLVED SOLUTIONS LIMITED is an integrated life science and technical solutions company involved with sourcing, procurement, marketing, distribution and supply of industrial replaceable parts and an advanced broad range of rapid microbial detection, identification and monitoring products for fast, reliable and convenient clinical, food, molecular, in-vitro, human & animal infectious disease diagnostic solutions to meet the critical safety, quality and security management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life science and industrial sector.

WELLSOLVED SOLUTIONS LIMITED collaborates with Customers in all Manufacturing Sector, Health & Medical Sector, Fitness & Hospitality Sector, Government, Academic & research Sector, Paper, Printing & Publishing Sector, Automobile, Aviation & Maritime Sector and Oil & Gas Sector to help them realize improved service delivery and reliable safety & quality assurance thereby  enhancing  bottom line performance and competitive advantage.

With variety of well-established manufacturer contacts, supply sources and network of technical partners, we are not just solution providers but solution partners ready to make long-term investments in our people, assets, know-how and relationships in support of our teaming manufacturing and research industries in Nigeria.

Our diverse, integrated and dedicated result oriented team are experts in their fields with track records and accumulated years of experience needed to smoothens any system’s involvement in Consultancies, Sourcing, Procurements, Distributing, Representing, Designing, Constructions, Installations, Repairs, Maintenance, Inspections, Testing, Commissioning, Training and Supply. We have the flexibility to respond quickly and sensitively to local demands and confidently offer the best mixture of prompt and cost effective services associated with


To be the leading “One Stop Source” provider of technology proven solutions in Africa thereby creating shared values for our Clients, Technical Partners and Stakeholders.


We will consistently offer the best mixture of prompt and cost effective solutions to our esteemed clients helping them improved service delivery and enhanced bottom line performance through our devotion to excellence, quality, close attention to customer’s needs and leading edge solutions.